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JALEN coleman

"I'm Jalen Coleman, and I'm a teenager with a passion of creating a bridge between children in the community and basketball. My love of serving the community grew out of watching my parents run  Urban Scholar Academy, an Inglewood academic non-profit organization. My love of basketball came at the age of six years old when I first started playing at the Inglewood Parks and Recreation Center  near my home. I did great that season and immediately told my parents that I love how the game of basketball was played. Thus, I continued to play recreational sports as the years went by. 

At the age of nine, I started to play travel basketball, where I would compete in weekly tournaments during the weekends. The price, the time, the traffic, and the travel for basketball became costly. I wondered why families had to travel 30+ miles to a basketball game when there are empty courts in every community?


Then Kobe died while traveling with his daughter and team to a travel basketball game. She and I were the same age. That tragedy hurt, but motivated me as well.

Now, I'm dedicated to returning basketball back to the blacktop. Up the block. Around the corner. Down the street. For the kids. For the community. For the culture."

Basketball Court

Benefits of 3-on-3 basketball...

"Ever since Ice Cube founded the Big 3 on 3 league,  I fell in love with 3-on-3 basketball, half court game with no coaches or plays; just sneakers screeching to the hardwood court and enjoyable moments for everyone. My goal with starting Outside J., a non-profit organization, is to make sure youth in my community feel the experience and fun of basketball at the local courts without having to worry about costs." 


-Jalen Coleman, Founder  



I want to send a massive congratulations to Jalen. The clinic event easily showcased
what an all-star Jalen is.

Jalen C.

Asst. Marketing Manager, West Division PepsiCo Beverages 

Jalen did a fantastic job at the tournament. Noah and I had a blast!

Amber J.

5th Grade Parent

We would love to participate in the future. Jalen did a good job!

B. Moore,

7th Grade Parent


outside j., inc.

3-on-3 Basketball & Clinics

501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

8473 S. Van Ness, Suite 104

Inglewood, CA 90305

Tel: 310-528-3845 (Text Preferred)

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