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Internship Reflection...

It's been awhile since I've done a blog but glad I am back. Over the summer I participated in an Accenture internship in Downtown Los Angeles. Accenture is an consulting firm that helps businesses solve conflicting problems they might have for their company. I was apart of their Learning to Lead internship program for high school scholars where I learned a lot about career development and what it takes to be professional in a work environment. Some skills I gained were learning to network, teambuilding, budgeting, financing, and goal setting.

Working there was meaningful as I did a project on the Department of Justice (Bureau of Prisons). My task was to create reasonable solutions to address the mass incarceration rate and how to help wrongfully convicted felons. I'm glad I spent my summer at Accenture and I recommend others look into this opportunity as well.

Before I attend college in a couple of weeks, I am preparing for my next tournament which will be in October. I am excited to have sponsors that can help me get this done. I appreciate all of the people who believe in the work I am doing.

Continue to hoop, stay blessed and safe fam. See you soon!

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